EV Roadshow

The BEIS supported EV Roadshow is a series of electric and plug-in vehicle events and is designed to showcase the very latest in electric vehicle technology to UK businesses and consumers… in 4 major cities!

Staged in Green Great Britain Week, and delivered by GreenFleet, the showcase will take place on public squares, between 15th and 19th October 2018, and will consist of a large display of static vehicles, from leading global brands, together with test drive opportunities, allowing visitors to experience the technology first-hand.

The Roadshow

Day 1: Durham – Market Square, Monday 15th October

Day 2: Nottingham – Old Market Square, Tuesday 16th October

Day 3: Bournemouth – The Square, Thursday 18th October

Day 4: Bristol – Amphitheatre & Hannover Quay, Friday 19th October

Each City will have its own Event… A ‘Mini Motor Show’ where YOU get the chance to see and discuss clean, ultra-low emission vehicle and technology, with experts from manufacturers… And most importantly, you will have the chance to test drive them around a designated test drive route!

‘Clean transport’ is key to the UK’s air quality improvement, and sustainable and green economy success, and because many UK cities now recognise that they need to act, and to ‘instigate change’, Government and its partners are now more committed to unlocking the UK’s full economic potential and make it the low-carbon envy of the world!

Join us at the GGBW EV Roadshow and find out how YOU can get involved and be part of the clean journey…

The EV Roadshow – Driving Clean Growth Across The UK!